Our Process

At Silverline Creative, we leave nothing to chance. Our deliberate, field-tested process is the foundation for everything we do for you.

  1. Assess the goals of your project. Together we’ll figure out what do you want your website to look like and what do you need it to do. We’ll look at real world examples, and we’ll identify technological solutions that might be a good fit for your project.
  2. Develop the plan. Now we’ll outline how your website will come together. We’ll break big projects down into manageable chunks as we create our action plan. You’ll receive a detailed proposal with an estimate; sign it, and we’re off to the races.
  3. Design the project. We really enjoy this part. We’ll create a couple of suggested designs, based on the look and feel we discussed together in step 1, or we may combine elements to create new options for you. We’ll solicit your feedback and refine the design to your satisfaction.
  4. Implement the design. We develop your website – create your pages and build your applications – around the design you love. During the build-out we’ll also test your website across selected platforms and browsers, to make sure everything works the way we’ve envisioned.
  5. Evaluate for success. Once the tweaking is done and your website is live, we’ll stay in close contact. We’re responsive and service-oriented, and we provide the support you need to accomplish your goals.

Whether this is your first custom web project or whether you’re a seasoned online marketing expert, we’re with you, every step of the way.

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